The DiBi DiBi Mission

Encourage the pursuit of dreams to bring about happiness and fulfillment in one’s life and the life of others.

DiBi DiBi, is about second chances to pursue dreams. Period. At some point in our lives we’ve aspired to reach a goal or realize a dream only to be discouraged by naysayers or even our own self-doubt. Family commitments and work responsibilities are also very legitimate reasons why we have deferred our dreams. As a result, we set our dreams aside hoping that elusive “someday” will come when we can pursue them with a new level of confidence and belief that they will come true. With the passage of time, however, we look back and discover our day-to-day life took priority over “someday”, and with it, a piece of our God-given purpose never had an opportunity to flourish.

The goal of DiBi DiBi Nation is to inspire you to dust off some of your deferred dreams and make a concerted effort to making them become a reality.
Do all dreams come true? No. However, in many cases it’s not about the dream itself that matters; it’s about the pursuit and the journey.

“…and that has made all the difference” – Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken


10% of the sale of each shirt will be donated to ZERO: The End of Prostate Cancer