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Our Mission:

Encourage the pursuit of dreams to bring about happiness and fulfillment in one’s own life and the lives of others.

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About the Founder

A restless night for Robert Ginyard turned out to be just what he needed to get back on track with life.  Robert, a prostate cancer survivor, made a promise to himself when he began his prostate cancer journey in 2010 – surgery, followed by hormone therapy, and radiation treatment.  He promised himself that when his cancer journey was over he would make an earnest effort to go after some life-long dreams.  Nearly two years after his last treatment, Robert had fallen a bit short of his promise; he was still dreaming, but not following through to make things happen.  In his words, “I became content with just being alive, which is a good thing, but I wasn’t living life to its fullest”.  But one night, a restless spirit caused him to get out of bed and scribble a message.  The message:  DiBi DiBi.  As he began to question what it meant, it became clear to him – Dream It.  Believe It.  Do It.  Be It.

The next day, Robert made a few calls to get his message emblazoned on a shirt that would remind him that he has some work to do in the dream realization department. Within a couple of days the shirt was designed and printed. The inspiring and encouraging message resonated with people from all walks of life: students, athletes, corporate executives, sales people, musicians, artists – Anyone who has a dream they want to realize or a goal they want to attain.

That’s it! That’s how it all started. Surely a restless night Robert will remember.


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